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Daisy Santana

Daisy Santana

Daisy Santana is an Operations Specialist for Rise48 Equity. Daisy’s main responsibilities include assisting in asset operations, developing and implementing strategies related to property management operations as well as directing and empowering team members on meeting asset goals. She is also responsible for administering policies, procedures, and practices for the asset and perform regularly scheduled property inspections. Daily also supports our transaction team on underwriting review of due diligence reports as required for new acquisitions. She resides locally in Mesa, Arizona.

Daisy has a professional background in property management, where she has 13+ years of experience with/in managing multifamily properties and client asset properties.

Daisy’s holds a Tri- Star Certificate from City of Mesa Police Department, Multifamily Crime-free certificate from City of Phoenix Police Department and LITCH-Compliance Certificate from Costello University.