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Rise48 Equity Podcasts

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Rise48 Equity Recent Podcasts

Check out the recent real estate podcasts below, featuring Rise48 Equity CEO & Co-Founder, Zach Haptonstall, and CFO & Co-Founder, Bikran Sandhu.

Zach’s Recent POdcasts

Fuel your business enthusiasm today as Zach Haptonstall joins us for a comprehensive discussion about the power of self-directed learning and persistence in achieving your financial goals. Hop in to learn how he and his team manage and operate renovations for hundred-unit multifamily properties!

Key Takeaways To Listen For

The value of self-teaching in achieving great success Rise48 Equity: How they began and grew their business Why it might be better to have in-house property managers Practical ways to renovate multifamily properties and not lose tenants Pivotal changes in the lending landscape and its effects on the RE market

About Zach Haptonstall

Zach is a co-founder and the CEO of Rise48 Equity, Rise48 Communities, and Rise48 Construction, focusing on acquisitions, capital sourcing, and strategic partnerships. Under his leadership, Rise48 Equity has achieved $1.99 Billion in total transactions since 2019. He has been a licensed real estate agent since 2016, holding positions in prestigious organizations like the Forbes Real Estate Council. His prior role as president and co-owner of Family Comfort Hospice resulted in a successful $9M+ annual revenue in 2021.

Zach also played a key role as Director of Business Development at Sage Hospice in its rise to the #1 for-profit Hospice Organization in Arizona. His academic journey includes earning a Summa Cum Laude Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication from Arizona State University and an MBA from the Colangelo College of Business at Grand Canyon University.

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Our guest for this week is Zach Haptonstall, the CEO and co-founder of Rise48 Equity. With a primary focus on multifamily investments, Zach takes on crucial responsibilities as the CEO, including the supervision of all acquisitions, capital sourcing, and the establishment of strategic partnerships. Before heading into the real estate world, Zach was a former TV news anchor and a sports reporter.

During our conversation, Zach reveals strategies employed by his company to construct a remarkable portfolio valued at $1.4 billion. He emphasizes the significance of maintaining control over various aspects of the value-add supply chain. Additionally, Zach provides valuable insights into the current structure of his company, shedding light on how he cultivates a talented workforce, elaborating on the hiring process, and more!

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Bikran’s Recent Podcasts

Explore the art of navigating uncharted territories to scale your multifamily business with Bikran Sandhu as he delves into his journey of embracing challenges and opportunities in real estate and how you can do the same. Get ready to unlock the secrets behind successful market transitions by tuning in.

Key Takeaways to Listen for

  • Tips on how to successfully expand your RE multifamily business
  • Expert advice on scaling your company quickly
  • How to leverage broker relationships for smoother market transitions
  • Ways to grow your business in different real estate markets
  • Important things to remember when underwriting deals

About Bikran Sandhu

Bikran is the COO, CFO, and Co-Founder of Rise48 Equity and Rise48Communities. Bikran’s primary responsibilities as COO include overseeing underwriting, asset management, and investor relations for all assets. Bikran’s primary responsibilities as CFO include managing accounting, finance, and treasury at Rise48 Equity and Rise48 Communities. Bikran holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics with an emphasis in accounting and graduated Cum Laude from the University of California, Irvine.

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About Rise48 Equity:

Rise48 Equity is a Multifamily Investment Group with local offices in Dallas, TX and Phoenix, AZ. “At Rise48 Equity, we provide opportunities for accredited and non-accredited investors to protect and grow their wealth and achieve passive cash-flow. Our team brings expertise to acquire, reposition and return capital to investors upon reaching our business plan. Through our research and strategically formed partnerships, we acquire commercial multifamily apartment properties, strategically add value to the properties, and create passive income for our investors through cash-flow and profits from sale.”

Since 2019, Rise48 Equity has completed over $2.09 Billion+ in total transactions, and currently has $1.65 Billion+ of Assets Under Management located in Phoenix and Dallas. All of the company’s assets under management are managed by Rise48 Equity’s vertically integrated property management company, Rise48 Communities.