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Talia Wooten

Talia Wooten
Human Resources Manager

Talia Wooten is the Human Resources Manager of Rise48 Equity. Talia’s main responsibilities include managing Human Resources, and overseeing the company’s benefits administration, performance management, talent acquisition, and payroll. Talia is dedicated to creating a robust corporate culture that promotes continuous business growth and cultivate customer loyalty by empowering and motivating employees to realize their full potential and bring their best to the job. Talia resides locally in Peoria, AZ with her Husband David and her older children Christopher and Alexander.

Talia has a professional background in Human Resources with 20+ years of experience with managing compensation and benefits, Employee Engagement and Retention, Organization and Performance Management, payroll, and process improvement.

Talia holds a Master of Arts in Human Resource Management with Honors and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She also holds certifications in HR Employee Relations, Strategic HR, and Workforce Engagement.